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The Swedish 19th Century Appreciation Society, founded in the year of Grace 2010, is a loose network of enthusiasts. We enjoy experiencing the ambiance of a lost era through education, shared knowledge; and, experiences via various gatherings and media.

Our goal is for like-minded people across the country to find each other, exchange tips, share ideas; and above all, make new friends. We strive to have a good time together exploring one of the most spectacular centuries of all time.

We welcome everyone who wants to join in and contribute to the good atmosphere. Together we explore places, customs, culture, language, entertainment; and, learn from each other.

Community collaboration

From the very beginning, the goal was set on local ambassadors possessing a supreme knowledge of their region’s historic community. As such each  ”husfru” (house-lady) has been carefully selected to satisfy  this endeavor; therein, contributing her special knowledge, background and network. They are encouraged to arrange local gatherings and/or regional events engaging participants from near and far. Of late, we have partaken in engagements via digital media.

Moreover; we are a society of Swedish origin and thereby encompass learning relative to our local history and culture. This by no means sets us apart from our diverse participants. We bear open arms and welcome our international friends to enhance our gatherings. By this same token, we would love to showcase what we have to offer. So please, do stay tuned for upcoming events. You are most welcome!


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